Powder coated galvanized steel


High impact 'ultra base'


High quality,commercial grade

This is a great teaching aid, especially for golfers playing a hilly golf course like ours."
- Tom W., Life Member, Wisconsin Section PGA of America
"My students gravitate to the Incline Trainer to hit shots off the variety of slopes."
- Mike Schy, Schy Golf Academy
"Golf's Incline Trainer gave me the confidence I need to hit all the shots I need on the course."
- Mike M., Mini-Tour Player
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  • Side Hill Lie with Ball Below Feet
  • Downhill Lie
  • Uphill Lie
  • Side Hill Lie With Ball Above Feet
Practice ranges are flat, golf courses are hilly. Golf's Incline Trainer will allow you to teach your students to practice hitting shots from sloping lies. This easily adjustable training aid will give you uphill, downhill and side hill lies on your driving range or practice facility. Practicing these uphill, downhill and sidehill lies will improve the confidence of your students on the golf course.

Golf's Incline Trainer will also help golf instruction. Players that 'hit over the top', a common fault, can easily be corrected by hitting from an uphill lie on Golf's Incline Trainer. In the downhill position, the student will learn to 'stay in the shot'. The sloping lies created will help correct swing problems in a player's normal swing. Practice as you play, and you will play as you practice! Practicing shots from sloping lies will train you to play better.